Tuesday, September 2, 2014



Prompted by impulse
I enter the back garden
Lush in its green winter

A frog
Drifts on the surface of the
Too-blue pool
Black eyes stare
I grab the scoop
Angle the basket beneath
The pale belly and outstretched limbs
And forklift him to safety

He crouches motionless
On leaf litter
Among the ferns
A small cobblestone
Tarnished bronze, black and green

I return thrice
To find him
In the selfsame place

For the man-made hazard
The crass treachery which mars his kingdom
I beg his pardon
 Then he is gone
Vanished into shady hiding

I  marvel at the nudge
Which sent me
Mid-task, mid-afternoon
To rescue
A frog

Monday, September 1, 2014


During a search this morning on the net I noticed that Wikipedia is calling for photos of monuments.  Monuments tend to summon ideas of  huge buildings, men on horseback cast in bronza and mounted on a plinth, columns covered in names of the honorable dead. But a monument may be anything of enduring value to humanity like the bronzed shoes scattered on the banks of the
Danube as it flows through Budapest. Men's boots, women's high heels, children's shoes. In memory of the victims of the Iron Cross who tossed them into the river to drown during World War II.  

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beauty in suburbia

A coral tree with unusual  shell pink flowers is a harbinger of spring. The late afternoon sky colored soft blue is a perfect backdrop. The grass is still winter-yellow. The scene in the mini green belt next to Catherine's town house provided today's moment of beauty.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Weather chillly? Snuggle up. Body heat is better than a blanket; companionship comforts.  Kaela's nasal wheeze rises and falls. Does Flash hear it, does it disturb him or is it just a cosy assurance that he is not alone?  

Friday, August 29, 2014


The garden is once more a blaze of orange. The Clivias flower en masse but once a year. In between an errant plant may produce a blossom or two.  Flash and Kaela wander through the beds without fear of recrimination. The pleasure of a big garden is that one or two or more crushed blooms don't matter. Neither do trampled stems. They just encourage resilience. 

Jethro announces, "In three days it is a new month and a new season." He is well taught at his nursery school. The cycle of spring imminent.