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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cats in Israel (2001)

I would not care 
To be a feral cat of Joppa’s ancient harbour
Thin, starving, one-eyed
They dart away 
Expecting the stone, curse,  boot
Did Peter kick the unclean cats of Joppa?
Did he recoil from Joppa cats swarming, diseased
In the visioned canvas of forbidden foods 
On a rooftop 
Overlooking the sea?

The long-haired tabbies on the porch of St John the Baptist, Bethany
Lie un-timid in the sun
Plump, they don’t budge 
For the tourist, worshipper, monk
Their fur sleek, their eyes glint
They have chosen well – a Franciscan shrine -
Where cats are worthy creatures

Among the massive, knotted roots of
Gethsemane’s olive trees
Where Jesus prayed 
And friends slept 
Kittens frisk 
Gambol among the rosebushes
Tumble among flowers
Hide (and seek)
Oblivious of 
Past agony

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