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Monday, January 28, 2008

28 January: Jane Austen and bookclubs

The weekend's movie with the friends was The Jane Austen Bookclub. In fact, the friends are all members of our own bookclub: Eleanor's Reading Circle, to give it its grand title. We have been happily 'bookclubbing' for the last nine years. The highlight on our monthy calendar is the meeting at one another's houses. We take turns to choose three or four new books to purchase from a selection on appro from the local bookstore and talk non-stop about our latest read. It is very informal - a merry muddle over tea and cake - and we all love it! Crises and joys are shared at the same time - illness, new jobs, new grandchildren, retirement, even bereavement. But nothing as glam as the characters in the movie.

Here's the only existing portrait of Jane! Where would our lives have been without her and Mr Darcy, Captain Wentworthy, Fanny Price, Mrs Bennett and....


Kathleen Grace said...

Hello Eleanor, I just found your blog and it is delightful! I love Jane Austin too, in fact my daughters and I are watching a weekly series called "the complete Jane Austin" on our local Public Broadcasting station! I have read most of her books and now my youngest (17 yr. old) daughter is a fan too. So glad I found you!

Alexandra, Writing & Baking Enthusiast said...

Sounds like a lovely group. I just watched Mansfield Park for the very first time this past week. Hope you are well.

Carrie said...

I am enjoying watching the Complete Jane Austen on Masterpiece. It would be great to have a club for sharing my reactions. I just discovered your blog, coming from Silver Bell Cottage, and have enjoyed reading it. Do drop by Oak Rise Cottage when your have time.