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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, 13 January, 2008: Finished projects

How satisfying when the last stitch is sewn, the last word written or the last brushstroke made! Here are the quilts I completed during the Christmas holidays. The cheerful blue and yellow strip-pieced quilt is going to hang in the Grandchildren's Room at Thatchwick. My granddaughters love their own special room when they visit. It is filled with books and toys from three generations: my old dolls' clothes, books and teasets, my daughters' old dolls, dollhouse and puzzles and of course, Joelle's and Jaelene's own new treats.

Some detail on the Dresden plate quilt. The blocks were done by hand and the quilting too.
I have read that the Amish quilters always allow a deliberate mistake somewhere in their quilts to remind them of human imperfection; only God is perfect. As a novice quilter, mine are full of uneven stitches and that without trying!

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