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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sunday, 16 March: Hi from the guys!

"Hey, Trist! Wake up, pal. She's sneaking around again with that camera trying to get cutso photos of us snoring!"
"Uh, huh! Thought so. Let's put on our best pose! Maybe there's some gals out there in blogo-space interested in two eligible bachelors like us."
"Wag that tail and smile. Way to go, Trist!""
"Shift over, Galahad. It's me they wanna see!"


Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Eleanor! I enjoy your photos so much! The beautiful sunflower and bright blue sky, the roses and books in your pretty home. I love seeing bits of Africa, I will probably never see Africa in person so it is a treat to take a little armchair journey now and then through your blog:>) Thank you!

Carrie said...

Such swweet dogs!

Happy Easter; May you be renewed in your love for Him and for all His gifts.

Melanie said...

Calie the labradoodle says "what a hunka hounds you are".

I say, don't feed Calie any more left overs, phooeeyy, somebody open a window in here (Calie doesn't look embarassed in the least bit).

Alexandra, Writing & Baking Enthusiast said...

Thank you for welcoming Maggie. You babes are beautiful as are the Easter photos.