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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday, 12 April: East, west, home is best

No matter how great the vacation, home is best. I love the sunshine just starting to shine through the window in the sunroom.

Not that there was much time to sit around this week. It was hectic: scores of emails to answer, phone calls to return, meetings to attend and postgrad students wanting urgent consultations. It's a school and university break at the moment and my students are using the opportunity to have discussions about their progress or the lack thereof!

But every week has its highlights. Mine had five:
1 A thank-you call from a student for a meaningful discussion. He didn't have to phone but he did!
2 The beautiful smile my daughter sent her husband and I as she stood on the stage at her graduation on Thursday morning. The auditorium was full but she found us in the crowds!
3 Dinner with a special friend. We chatted for three hours non-stop and the conversation is far from over!
4 Lots of wet-nose-nudges and adoring looks from my two dogs. Oh, the joy of unconditional doggy love!
5 Friday night supper of sandwiches and tea with my walking buddies under the trees at the pond in the grounds of the local school where we walk.

" Galahad, if you chew that shoe, there'll be no more walks. Do you hear me??"
"Who's chewing anything? Can't you see I'm just guarding it or maybe Nike will commission me for an ad!"


Cottage Contessa said...

I whole heartedly agree with you, it's wonderful to get away, but it's so lovely to come 'home' again! Congratulations on your daughter's graduation! Have a wonderful week Eleanor!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Mary said...

Oh yes Eleanor, I'm in agreement, no matter how humble, home is definitely the best place! Love the window and light in your pretty sunroom - so inviting.

Congratulations on your daughter's graduation and altho' your week has been busy I can tell you had a great one.

Off to do more garden chores this morning - brilliant sunshine but a bit cooler which is fine with me.
Hope this week is good for you too.

Glad Willow found you - she is a great blogger and I think you may enjoy her posts.
Take care - Mary.

willow said...

I appreciate Mary's kind words. Thatchwick is a happy to have found your delightful site.

Galahad reminds me so much of our yellow lab Ralphy who passed on last year. Made the same expression when scolded!

Silver Bell Cottage said...

The photo of Galahad and the tennis shoe should be labeled, "Temptation" or "Good Dog." :) Sounds like your week has been good. Hug ~