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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday, 23 August: Sir Galahad, the pure-hearted

Sir Galahad, a 'verray, parfit, gentil knight', son of Champion Trenow Perseus and Champion Pencarron Pochard of Dennegeur (tr. the scent of pine trees) Kennels in Stellenbosch had the unfortunate kennel name of Hocus Pocus. But when Richard and Eleanor spotted their new labbie pup in his air freight crate at Johannesburg International in March 2001, they knew that here was a knight with the purest of hearts and named him, Sir Galahad. Off he went home to Thatchwick Cottage to walk in the illustrous pawprints of the late Hero, Valiant and Groomsman and to be companion-in-arms to Sir Tristram the Pict, another Arthurian stalwart.

Galahad has no vices; his heart is pure and he loves, loves, loves with deep loyal devotion. (He did steal a cheese scone off an antique porcelain plate on Thursday evening while we gathered for Bible Study. But his repentence followed quickly after the last crumb and he had no silly hangups about accepting forgiveness!)

Sir Galahad and Elvis Machele, my twice a week gardener, share a mutual devotion. Elvis insists on downing tools to accompany us on any visit to the vet: to hold Gal's paw and stroke his head during undignified procedures.

If you come a-visiting to Thatchwick, Gal will follow you adoringly, squeeze in next to your chair, stare into your eyes with deep brown pools of doggy emotion and try to climb onto your lap - all 35 kg of him. Because, as you know, inside every hefty fullgrown male Lab is a tiny puppy just ready for a cuddle!
Now above is the real man, Sir Galahad, son of Launcelot and Elaine, who quested for and found the Holy Grail. A perfect knight, he never stole a cheese scone in his life, but personally I prefer my doggy hero.
(OK, Trist, OK! I know this blog is starting to get soppy. I'll do a real macho one about you next week and the history of the Terrible Picts.)


SilverBell Cottage said...

Aww...what a sweetie pie. Hope you are doing well and assimilating from Paris meanderings to teaching. :)
Hugs ~

Susan said...

Thanks for the perfect introduction to handsome, handsome Gal.

We do miss our boy Jake, Miss Winn & I do. He was very similar in temperament & personality to your Galahad boy. Kind and gentle and absolutely filled to the brim with love.

Very sweet that Elvis accompanies you both on those darn trips to the vet.

Winnie and I look forward to getting to know Trist a little better as well.

xo, From Nova Scotia

Eleanor said...

Thanks both of you for visiting and the kind words about Gal. He says he is greatly gratified. Now both boys are nagging me for visit to North Carolina and Nova Scotia! (I wish, I wish, I wish...)

willow said...

Gal looks so much like our handsome yellow lab, Ralphy, who passed away last year. We miss him terribly. He was the best companion ever.

My grandparents had a framed print of this painting of Galahad, which hung in their dining room. I have such fond memories of it!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Edward and I think Galahad is such an appropriate name for such a handsome fellow! You are fortunate to share your life with him and we are both glad you introduced him to us all!!

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh I loved the post. He is a handsome devil. I am glad I came over your blog looks really interesting to read. I'll be back for sure.

Barbara Martin said...

It's not a soppy and romantic hero are wonderful to admire. Wonderful comparison.

Tracy said...

Eleanor, your Sir Galahad is an angel in dog-form! He's beautiful, and you can see his pure heart in his eyes...Loved this loving post :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

Joni B. said...

Hi,I came across your blog through 29 Black Street and have so enjoyed it, your pictures, your travels and especially those two lovely boys you have.Who would we be without our furry friends.Such sweet companions.Many thanks for the trip to South Africa.It is a pleasure that I will be repeating!

Carrie said...

It was great to meet Sir Galahad. He has such an appealing look on his face.

Deb said...

Hello Eleanor
Gal is absolutely lovely! What a nice post telling us about him :-) Looking forward to hearing all about Trist. Our lab Ben will be 12 on Jan 1st and is the love of our life :-)

Lavinia said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. A gardener named Elvis? How glam. And the glimpse of your garden is lovely, so tropical and colourful. Your Sir Galahad is so noble and gorgeous, and sounds like the perfect pet....loving and adoring and adorable. I know he gives you much happiness and love. Beautiful ode to a beautiful dog, who is beautifully named.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Sir Galahad looks like quite the gent, and what a beautiful dog. I have a golden and a schnoodle and I am equally as soppy about them. Karen

Kelli said...

What a handsome and sweet friend you have!

Mary said...

"Sometimes on lonely mountain -meres
I find a magic bark..."

Of course Tennyson was speaking of a different kind of bark. LOL

Love your sweet doggie!

Chrissie said...

Lovely to find another blog of a labby lover. Sir Galahad is gorgeous.