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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday, 3 September: Exploring the art of happiness

Miss Daisy has graciously awarded me the Kreative Blogger Award. I am honoured and humbled, dear Daisy Chain! The condition attached to the Award is to list six things that make one happy. So I had to muse on this intimidating topic. The 'pursuit of happiness', one of the unalienable rights of the American people stated in the Declaration of Independence,is a lofty and admirable ideal. But guaranteeing the pursuit for one's citizens is one thing; grasping the goal successfully is another.

So with a little help from Roget's Thesaurus, I came up with...

1 Contentment - my life in cosy Thatchwick Cottage. My home is my castle!
2 Pleasure - a plate of pasta with plenty of garlic and herbs enjoyed with an ice cold glass of South Africa's best white wine (savignon blanc or chenin blanc will do). So dry and fruity, you taste the sunshine in every sip.
3 Delight - opening presents!
4 Satisfaction - a task well-done: the last stitch quilted, the last word written, the finishing touch to a great meal.
5 Bliss - snuggling down between freshly laundered white linen, the day lived productively - not a jot to add or subtract.
6 Exhilaration - animated discussions about books, movies, cabbages and kings over a cuppa with my best friends.
7 Joy - singing worship songs on Sunday mornings in unity with a congregation as diverse as only can be found in the rainbow nation.

Ok, I know I cheated! That is seven and the synonyms could go on and on.

Now it is your turn. I won't make a formal award but I open it to any interested blogger who wants to philosophise about the art of happiness.


Paula said...

Thatscwick Cottage (your castle) is indeed very beautful! :)

Smilingsal said...

Hello, it's nice to "meet" you! I like the way you listed the various types of happiness.

See your for Blue Monday.

willow said...

Hi...I'm just going to wave here at the window, so you won't catch my horrid cold! Enjoyed your happy post! :)

Carrie said...

Delightful post! Eleanor, Please visit my blog to pick up an award from me. Here is the URL
Thank you for having such an enjoyable blog,

MARIA said...

I'm so glad I met you. Your Thatchwick Cottage is beautiful!
Is this pic (on the top)from your home?
I enjoyed your art of happiness.
Thanks for sharing.

Btw, the book on my right site blog is only pic. I made it using this site:

There you can find many nice pics and you can create something new with your own pics.

God bless you!

Mary said...

What a wonderful post, Eleanor! I loved reading about the things that make you happy, and I share quite a few with you. :)

KarenHarveyCox said...

Eleanor, Congratulations on your award. I think that if I were to say what I really love about your blog, it would be your gift with words. Whether you are stringing them together to write a bit of history or like now embracing a particular word, you always create something wonderful. I quite agree with Maria, I am so glad that I met you. Karen

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I once heard it said that happiness is a form of gratitude. That really resonates with me, for I feel I have so much to be grateful for. Therefore...I'm happy.

Lovely post!

Mary said...

Perfection - life is just full of simple pleasures.
#2 is how I love my pasta and I'm always seeking out S.A. wines which are hard to find here - but always very good!

Sweet Miss Daisy made a great choice bestowing this award on you - your list is full of romance and loveliness - thank you for sharing.

Lavinia said...

I think you've discovered true secret(s) of happiness....your list is complete, nothing to add or subtract!

Pearl Maple said...

Eleanor, congrats on your recent award, well deserved as you have so many nice things going on in your blog.

Thanks for your kind comments on my sky watch post. It is worth looking into what folks are doing there. Many are professional photographers but most of us only have a 'point&shoot' camera but everyone has a good time.


Ms.Daisy said...

What a perfectly lovely list of things that make you happy! I, too, love pasta that way and opening presents - oh, yes!