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Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday, 22 December: An old-fashioned Christmas party

Welcome to our old-fashioned Christmas party! Every season Thatchwick hosts a Christmas party for any old friends still in town. Saturday night's fare was simple: quiches and potato salad, Jeanne-Marie's crusty homebaked bread, a creamy Christmas pudding with fruit soaked in sherry made by Nola and Catherine's minced fruit pies. At our Christmas parties each guest performs an item: a song, a Scripture, a poem, a joke, a skit. This is a sure-fire recipe for loads of fun and forms the stuff of special memories.

Galahad tried his best to be center of attention.

Isabella and Daniel performed a duo on keys and strings with a little help from Mom.

Charl read us the history of good St Nicholas.

Gerard sang an Italian love song. Jeanne-Marie had eyes only for her gallant tenor.

Edward held up the lyrics of Silent Night albeit in the wrong order. We carolled with gusto, starting with the last verse and ending with verse one.

Cath and Ryan listen attentively to Genet's rendition of an Irish poem, accent and all. Later Ryan encouraged us to prepare our hearts for the Christchild by reading Psalm 51 and playing the CD of Mozart's Miserere.

Isabella's gift under the tree was a Rupert the Bear annual which Jeanne-Marie had to start reading immediately. Unfortunately Danny was fast asleep. His gift would be opened in the morning.

And a jolly good time was had by all.


Becky said...

Thank you for inviting me to your party! I had a delightful time. Becky

The Quintessential Magpie said...


What a wonderful party this was! So special that you shared it with us! Isn't Christmas grand??? :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy Blue Monday as well!


Sheila... I love the quote you have on your header "Yea I have a goodly heritage." I'm a member of the NSDAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), and our group has quoted this verse at meetings. We're proud of the sacrifices made by our patriot ancestors who fought against all odds and at great peril that they and their descendants might be free. :-)

ellen b. said...

Thanks for your visit to my Blue Monday. Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Smilingsal said...

That was my definition of a GOOD party! On Christmas Eve, we do something similar. Of course there's food, Christmas music and the lighted tree. Each person must sing, share a short thought, a Bible verse, a poem about the reason for the season. It's always one of my favorite traditions.

pammiejo said...

What a great tradition! It CAN be such fun to see what others pick to perform - and sometimes you discover a talent you didn't know was there! I also think it's so great for the children to be appreciated like that. We need more traditions like that! Merry Christmas! PAM

Claudie said...

Oh Eleanor
Thank you for the lovely evening Xmas get together. I have never been to South Africa and now I have even visited the kindest spirit.
I see you love birds. I love them also. My little canary sings every day, all day long. We also feed all the little finches, the bluejays, the woodpeckers, the doves and other's.
Have a wonderful Christmas and I will be thinking of you in the warm sunshine.
Claudie from Canada I do not sure my google account

Chrissie said...

What a lovely idea and I am so glad Sir Galahad was part of it all. But where was Sir Tristram? Ben sends a big woof to your boys :)

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Claire said...

arrived back in pretoria today and off to natal tomorrow...

soaked up the west coast sunshine for you while i was there.

glad that you are having such a special time with your family.

willow said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas party with us! You look so festive there with your Thatchwick door open and welcoming us! My front door breaks apart in the center like that, too.

Carrie said...

What a wonderful party with such nice activities in which everyone could participate.

Barbara Martin said...

I'm glad I stopped by to catch your Christmas party! All the photos were marvelous.

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a prosperous and safe New Year.


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Eleanor, looks like you had a great party.Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

Pam said...

Your festive occassion looks lovely. That last photo is certainly one to treasure.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a beautiful wreath on your front door! It is so funny to see all the green in your garden, whilst I sit here beneath bare trees, dressed in flannel with a Santa hat on my head to keep warm!!

Wishing you a most Happy Christmas! Edward, too! said...

Eleanor - arriving at your door and being greeted by your radiant smile would make anybody feel welcome! What a lovely party you hosted - I would have loved to have been there with such interesting people who are your friends. The food sounded wonderful too!

Blessings for Christmas.
Hugs from damp and warm North Carolina.