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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, 24 February: A purse is a handbag

I confess I have a secret fetish which has developed as a kind of midlife obsession. I cannot resist a handbag: somber, brown leather; avocado green to match my sandals; small, black and beaded; large, red and bold. Above is my funky turquoise springbuck skin handbag, much coveted by all who see it.

The reason for the fuss? Miss Daisy has tagged me. Her first challenge is to:

1 Identify five items in your purse (which is a handbag if you speak Queen's English.) Well, Jean, in spite of that funky bag, I am a minimalist when it comes to the contents. You will find: my black wallet with cheque book and credit card; a strawberry coloured coin purse; a much-too-pink lipstick; an embroidered linen hanky (Kleenex make me sneeze); a pocket diary; and an ancient swatch of coloured fabrics acquired when I succumbed to the colour coding fad in the '80s.

2 Five things that belong in my workroom/study: My sewing machine parked behind my laptop (in case someone from work reads this and questions my priorities); books, books, books; family photos including a favourite of my late husband when he was twenty-four and in love (with me!); a red brick fireplace; a redbrick mantelpiece crowded with quaint porcelain and brass.

3 Five hobbies/activities I am into: Discovering the world of blogs and bloggers (such nice folk, all of you); art movies with sad enigmatic endings; Pilgrim's Progress (into which my nose is embedded at the moment. How artfully Bunyan shaped characters from metaphors); indigeneous gardening using our colourful South African plants (you may even have grown a few; bet you didn't know that they hail from here); tinkling light music on the piano keys after three years of re-learning classical.

4 Five things I have always wanted to do: Write a bestseller preferably with movie rights; make a million with said bestseller; retire early on profits of said besteller; visit Alaska;and taste truffles.

How's that? Now for any five other bloggers to take up the Big Five.

I am only going make one nomination: Raph G Neckmann

Raph is an unusual writer with a keen sense of humour. He lives in Giraffe's World, not Scotland. (That is a private joke!) Raph doesn't have a handbag so he can swop that question and mention five items that aren't in his briefcase but ought to be there.


Raph G. Neckmann said...

Thank you Eleanor! This will be great fun. Five items which aren't in my briefcase but should be? Hmmmmm...

It will be a few days before I can post these answers, as we are up-to-the-neck in all kinds of nexciting adventure and creativity this week ...

My sister Nektareeni would love your turquoise handbag!

Ms.Daisy said...

Eleanor - what a great handbag! Thank you for letting us get to know a little more about you - hmmmmm(!) write a best seller and make millions (don't you know that has always been a secret desire of mine also!)

L, Jean

Barbara Martin said...

We have things in common, like writing a best seller, but I'll take $500,000 in royalties. I don't need millions.

It will be fun to see what Raph comes up with.

MARIA said...

I like this handbag, this color and shape.

Thank you so much for sharing about you.
I love piano music too, especially when my grandson Adam is playing.
And I started to write something like "Diary - old family story". It is good for me.

God bless you and your plans.

Poetikat said...

Oh, your workroom is wonderful! (And I loved that little aside - "With me!")Please do write that book - we'll make it a bestseller (and best-selling film too)! Of course we may want some of the residuals of your millions. Ha ha.


(I'm looking forward to Raph's take on this one too.)