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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday, 29 April: Old-fashioned holidaying at Wynford

What was our ultimate destination as we meandered through the countryside of the Free State?

Wyndford Holiday farm, established in the 1920's, first visited by Richard, our girls and I some twenty odd years ago. Little has changed since then. The rhythms of Wynford depend on the bell - to summon one to tea and cake, scones or biscuits at ten and four o' clock served in the summer house. To summon one to breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cosy dining room where guests are seated with strangers, where tired city dwellers who haven't said a cordial 'Hi' to a neighbour in years, find themselves sharing their histories over homely dishes of wholesome fare.

Jaelene spent hours swinging (me, pushing) doing puzzles, watching the resident tortoises move slowly into the morning sun, feeding scampering bunnies and chickens, riding horses and chatting to Gran on the lawn.

Joelle was the star of the stay - a fearless six-year old who went hiking twice a day on the mountains, wriggled through bat caves, swung through the air (safely helmeted and harnessed) on a slide high above the tree tops and even attempted to ab-sail down cliffs ("Not this time, next time, Mom, when I'm in big school!)

Cell phones don't work among the mountains surrounding Wynford so no-one leaps up from the table to rush outside and talk far too loudly about deals, emails, faxes and appointments.

Memories are made at Wynford. Ours stretch over three generations and twenty-five years: Richard and I, our daughters and now the grandkids.

As I packed my suitcase in my little cottage room to return home, I found a forgotten scrap of paper tucked in a side pocket, covered with Richard's loopy scrawl. A coincidence? The Westminister Confession speaks of the 'communion of the saints'; the writer to the Hebrews reminds us of the 'cloud of witnesses' watching our earthly journey and encouraging our perseverance as saints. So is it too unorthodox to think of a beloved husband, a proud dad, a grandfather who never knew his grandchildren, looking down on the new memories being made among the crags at Wyndford?


Vicki Lane said...

This sounds heavenly! Small wonder that you had a 'message from beyond!'

And what a beautiful header!

Smilingsal said...

It sounds like a comforting thought, but I don't think it's scriptural. I'll bet you were worn out after that trip.

Avril said...

What a lovely place filled with many happy memories!! Super photos (love the header - straight out of a travel mag!) .. and what a touching end - it was meant to be.
Gorgeous girls you have there too!!

willow said...

How lucky you are to be able to holiday in such an enchanting spot!!! I'm soooo envious! (((((sigh)))))

Anonymous said...

I looked this retreat up before you posted these pictures, and I think your pictures are much more appealing than the official ones! And the new header is stunning!

God is love!

Titania said...

A very pretty place to relax; home from home full of memories of happy days gone by. It is wonderful to be summoned to tea and cake instead of doing it yourself! A very energetic cutie to keep you on your toes. It is a lot of fun to have holidays with the grandchildren.

jeannette stgermain said...

All these photos smell like vacation, relaxing, and storing up precious memories!

TheWritersPorch said...

How wonderful Eleanor to relax in such a lovely place with your family and I think your husband was trying to let you know that there is everlasting life and he was there with you enjoying it also!

Ms.Daisy said...

What a great way to spend a vacation...your pictures are so inviting I almost want to step into the picture and wait to be called to tea and scones! Sweet, sweet grandgirls!


Annie said...

Thanks for your visit to My World have a very interesting blog here!

J said...

Oooo, the thought of scones and tea. Yum! I've really enjoyed looking through your blog, a very interesting range of subjects covered. Looking forward to visiting again.
Oh, and I think that's entirely probable, but then my spiritual beliefs are not particularly orthodox.

Greyscale Territory said...

What a wonderful place! Itmust have felt very special visiting old wonderful memories and creating links to new ones!

Sreddy Yen said...

Hello, the last picture is so amazing...I love it~! The photos of the mountains are also very pretty!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

What a lovely place, Eleanor! I love the mountains with their weathered shapes.

Lovely new header! Are the flowers on your header Leonotis?

Russ said...

Beautiful landscape. What interesting geology!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

It looks like a wonderful place to go Eleanor. If you have time this weekend, call me on 072 420 3812 and we can get together over a cup of coffee and a lovely slice of chocolate cake. :)

Anonymous said...

Richard's note and memory- shareing as it were wiith you- it's all part of the Eternal Time that the Eternal Father shares with us. Genet