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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, 15 May '09: Celebrating Friday nights

Was it Friday night fever a week or two ago? Hardly. Just an old-fashioned evening at home with three tried and trusted friends, a pot of hot homemade soup, crusty bread laced with garlic butter and some Andre Rieu DVD's. Fortunately I am not a purist when it comes to music so I can just enjoy the talent of this popular Dutch violinist who is bringing music, classical and otherwise, to the masses. In the end I had to beg everyone to leave with promises that Thatchwick would host another Andre Rieu concert some other Friday. Genet's parting comment summed it up, "These are just the best kind of get-togethers!"

How do you celebrate the end of the week?

Tonight best friend (all my friends are best) Leone, and I are off to Ocean Basket for that sizzling pan of chips and fresh hake. The Ocean Basket is an item on my list of 5 00 reasons to live in South Africa. Now when you finally do make that trip to visit me at Thatchwick and I am tired of doing dishes, we'll just hop into the car and dash off to Brooklyn Square for a calamari salad.


Vicki Lane said...

Sounds like a fine celebration!

We don't necessarily celebrate Fridays. Living on a farm and not having a 'day job,' means that weekends are much the same as other days. But we do celebrate -- usually with cheap champagne.

Wolynski said...

Never heard Andre Rieu, but it sounds like the soundtrack to an idyllic life.

Webmaster Sally said...

You are so right. I love it when Andre Rieu Fans get together. It is Fun & Happy.

Your flowers are beautiful, and I love the vase in "this weeks pikings". very nice.

Please feel free to visit us at: where everyone is already your friend.

Kind Regards, Sally

TheWritersPorch said...

When I do get to Thatchwick we will go to Ocean Basket and eat fresh Hake! Was is Hake by the way? I'm hoping its seafood!!

~ Carol ~

Anonymous said...

What better way to enjoy a Friday evening ~ good friends ~ exciting new foods ~ and best of all being transported into the world that beats in three quarter heart beats ~ sounds like a place I'd love to share with Andre Rieu and my "new friends".

~Judith ~

Anonymous said...

We just stay up a little later since tomorrow is usually a day off...maybe go out to a coffee shop, or do a little shopping.

Each of your posts is so different; there is no monotony here at Thatchwick Cottage.

The quilt is one of the prettiest and most striking I've ever seen!

Avril said...

Ooh must tell my brother about this chappie - my brother learnt to play the violin as a child then took it up again a few years ago. Was thoroughly enjoying it and then lost interest again when his teacher moved. Even played in kiddies orchestra's! Have you seen a Std Bank advert (few years ago now) of a man walking into a practice session of littlies playing in an orchestra? Always smiled at that one as things like that really DO happen!
LOVE the Ocean Basket but hubby doesn't, so when I go to Somerset West to see my Mum, it's always on the list of places to eat. My SIL never likes cooking when I stay with them so it's one of the favourites!

Avril said...

Your header photo took ages to load so have only seen it now - WOW very pretty! I used to love patchwork (have lost interest in sewing lately :( ) - my Mom was superb at it.

Anonymous said...

For the absolute best Andre Rieu fansite with links to other sites, go to

We get together at concerts all over the world.

Bill Stevenson

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Sounds a lovely way to celebrate, Eleanor! I'll have to listen to the Rieu music.

Friday night here varies, but is always great fun! The best ones are down at the Gleeful & Greedy Restaurant.

Regina said...

What a great TGIF. Sounds wonderful to celebrate like this. Nice post.

Janet said...

My husband played the violin too - I will have to introduce hime to Andre Rieu!
We also like Ocean Basket, but Churresqeira in the South is our favourite for sea food!

Titania said...

I like Andre Rieu, I think his videos are loved all over the world. I never go to his concerts so, because I am not comfortable to listen or watch with 10'000 others! The concerts accomodate to many people for my liking. I do not like big crowds. Your Friday evening sounds delightful, good company, good food, wine and music my heart do you want more?

Ms.Daisy said...

I enjoy Andre Rieu's concerts whenever they are on our Public Television stations. His music is joyful and sometimes bitter sweet. I like to see the audience singing along to their favorites,too! Thanks for stopping by last week - I, too, would love to sit on the bench and have a lovely cool drink with you!


jeannette stgermain said...

I've never heard of Andre Rieu, while I'm Dutch - when did he become popular?
Sounds your friends and you had a good old time!