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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday, 29 September '09: Getting side-tracked in Bloemfontein

Purchasing pot pourri from a sweet scented mix in a battered enamel basin at the Bloemfontein Organic Market on Heritage Day last week.

All things pretty, smelling of lavender and roses under the hot sun.
The syringas are covered in pale mauve blossoms against a blue sky. Goods for sale at the Organic Market related to a greener, cleaner world - bins for recycling, water-wise plants and worms to start one's own wormery. I drew the line at unbleached loo paper. I want to save the world but...unbleached toilet paper looked a little too natural for me!

Somehow I kept getting side-tracked from Green issues. Here are the ice-cream lickin' reasons: Joelle.

And Jaelene. The reasons for my visit to Their World - Bloemfontein (translated from the Afrikaans. Fountain of flowers) in the Free State.
I am rather late in posting. Just back from my short visit. But if you hurry, you will find lots of other interesting corners of the globe and equally nice folk on My World.


LadyFi said...

Great idea to have an organic fair. The pot potpourri looks delightful - as does that ice cream!

Gaelyn said...

Eleanor, that potporri almost looks good enough to eat. And your distractions are adorable.

So, why does toilet paper have to be white?

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful potpourri!

I'm enjoying watching your world warm as mine cools.

erin said...

the girls are adorable.
a wonderful post...i too, don't like the natural loo paper...a bit rough i think.
have a great week.

eileeninmd said...

Joelle and Jaelene look like they are enjoying their ice cream. Looks like a nice festival. I love the scent of Lavender! Thanks for sharing your world.

SandyCarlson said...

These are wonderful. I love the darling ice cream shots.

Lawstude said...

interesting potpourri and cute kid. i would definitely love to explore more of the place. thanks for sharing.

jeannette stgermain said...

Looks like an interesting market! I wouldn't mind natural toilet paper, as long as it's soft (and they should be able to do that). It's one thing that doesn't need to be decorative for me.

diane said...

Markets are fun to visit and ice cream is great when you are little.

JStantonChandler said...

Hello Eleanor! Your blog is beautiful! I popped over from Carol's Writing Porch and I'm so very glad I did! Nice to "meet" you. I'm taking a blogging break at the moment, but I'd love for you to drop by anytime!


Phyllis@AROUND THE HOUSE said...

The potpourri is wonderful, what an interesting place to live the kids are beautiful and the dogs wow, love them, thanks for sharing I had a good time....come visit me in california.....Phyllis

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What cute, cute, cuties! Looks like a good time was had by all.


Sheila :-)

Fifi Flowers said...

That ice cream looks DELICIOUS... wish I had one NOW!!!