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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday, 17 March: No grumpy old men around here!

No grumpy old men around Thatchwick! Just two courteous aging companions who have grown more than a little placid.

Tristram turns a grand ninety-one doggie years in June; Galahad is a relatively youthful sixty-three. But both prefer to snooze most of the day unless they catch a whiff of steak or the rattle of the breadbin. Galahad still appreciates his late afternoon swim and some leisurely water aerobics with his rather perished orange rubber ring. Trist will attempt to catch just one ball before he gathers all his old doggie toys in his mouth, safely out of my reach, and heads for his favourite spot on the veranda. Their best time is 4.30 am when we rise for our early morning walk. In the fresh early morning air, with the world to ourselves, eyes are bright, tails wag, and the leashes strain. Gal loves his backroll and tummy rub in the dewy grass in the park area. Trist limps along gamely warming up his arthritic back legs.


Janet said...

Oh Bless them! Our Holly has diabetes now. She is 84 in doggie years! She has become very deaf and VERY lazy - loves to lie in the cool flower beds in the shade - until she hears a helicopter and then goes MAD!

Vicki Lane said...

Old dogs are so touchingly sweet. We have a very old, arthritic, deaf girl who hobbles gamely about and still seems to enjoy her life.

Avril said...

Ah!! We all seem to have old doggies!! Our Robbie also limps slowing round the garden and prefers to sleep most of the time in a cool spot on the garden or behind the couch indoors where it's cool. Am dreading winter when the limbs feel the cold.

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

It's comforting to me to have the doggie kids lazing about! :)