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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday 14 July: Ends and beginnings

The end or the beginning?The end of a hectic six weeks. Both for me and for South Africa. And it is now or never – to begin blogging again.

Spain lifted the FIFA World Cup high. A very good time was had by all as the world enjoyed a wonderful sports event that we locals have anticipated for a decade. I have acquired a taste for the sound of vuvuzela’s, flown our SA flag from my car aerial and learned quite a bit about soccer.

On a personal note, I have travelled to Provence and tasted the sun-ripened tomatoes at a Saturday market in Arles.

Of course, attending conference in Aix-en-Provence does not mean you can't wine and dine.
I arrived home to make another three trip to Durban - not watch the games but to teach.
Then the girls arrived...
For a week of the extended holidays with Gran ‘all by themselves’.

I also turned a year older and had fun celebrating it with the family.

It’ s been a remarkable winter so far.

Hopefully now it’s time to get back into a routine. And record my meanderings in Provence in the next posts.


Gaelyn said...

You've certainly had a busy winter. Happy Belated Birthday Eleanor. Nice to see you back in blogland.

Vicki Lane said...

Good to see you back! I, too, grew fond of the sound of the vuvuzela -- just a steady background roar.

fairmaiden said...

Eleanor, I am so happy that I found you again. It has been so long. I have tried and tried to find you again. I think its been over a year ago that my 'friends' list accidently got deleted on my blog and then I could not find you again. Oh, how I've missed seeing your thatched roof cottage in Africa. I see you have another grandchild. Congrats. Just recently I reached my 1000 post and had a giveaway and I mentioned you under ones that I miss. Hope you come by and say hello. Do you know where Alexandra is? I can't remember the name of her blog.

Sreddy Yen said...

Hi Mrs Lemmer! I hope you had a wonderful time in France and I look forward to all your photos :)

claudie said...

Hello Eleanor, It's been a long time.
Just wanted to say hello from Canada.
So nice to see a new grandbaby in your family. I'm not blogging much lately, but just wanted to say hello.
Oh and Happy Belated Birthday.
Love Claudie

Morning's Minion said...

I picked up several Victoria magazines on my hurried way out of the house today, knowing I would be waiting in the car while my husband did errands.
In the Reader to Reader pages of Sept/Oct-09, your name popped out at me. "Surely that is the lady of Thatchwick Cottage," I thought, and of course you are.
How interesting to note that you are familiar with the wide, often bleak spaces of the interior west. We have retired to Kentucky after 12 years in Wyoming's high deserts and prairies, similar to the landscape of N. and S. Dakota.