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Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday, 5 September '11: Kaela update

Kaela has settled in remarkably in just a week. Where she was nervous and skittish (who wouldn’t have been?), she now strolls confidently through the house and has appropriated the rug in my study as her special place. That suits Gal who prefers to flop in the dining room. Instead of being terrified of the world on the pavement, she ventures out of the gate cautiously for a short walk. She socialised in a most elegant fashion with everyone who arrived for Bible Study on Thursday evening, before obediently retiring with Gal to the kitchen.

Galahad? He is experiencing a new lease on life. He gets far more attention simply because he is awake more often to demand yet another tummy rub. Every now and again he wrestles Kaela on the mat, noses his way with her through the jungle of budding spring clivias or enjoys a companionable swim in the pool.

And at last I have someone to do ‘girl’ things with – a dog who observes with concentration when I put on mascara and who agrees to lie still and watch ‘Swan Lake’ on television.


Gaelyn said...

Nice to have a girl around the house. So glad that Kaela's settled in and it's good for Galahad too.

Janet said...

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

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