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Friday, July 12, 2013

A month of incidents

Brightly coloured window frames on an apartment block create a pop art composition in Linz.Ten days in June were spent visiting Austria for an international conference combined with sightseeing.

But a tumble just three days before my departure - tripping over my hasty feet - in my own backyard left me with torn tendons and acute pain. Not the best way to start an overseas trip. But the splendours of Vienna eased the pain as Ruth and I scoured the city.

 Our first dinner in Vienna was schnitzels at a leafy tavern. The cold weather that had accompanied the floods earlier in June had given way to hot summer days.

Sight seeing trips (in posts to come), a busy conference, new getting acquainted with colleagues from across the globe, the long haul home followed almost immediately by an out-of-town workshop for doctoral students, a joyful reunion with my dogs("Thought we were abandoned in the kennels! De Luxe boarding does not make up for home, sweetest home!" reproached Kaela), Jethro - mornings while preschool is out for the holidays, an avalanche of emails and catch-up, and a flurry of birthday parties including my own, has filled the rest of June/July to date.

PS Composing this post has tested my determination to keep up blogging again. The text 'freezes' and will not allow further editing. The fonts return to Normal (which is small to my eye). An being in a constant strikeout mode does not allow insertions. I need a techie!

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