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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wedding at Thatchwick

"I always imagined my wedding as a this beautiful garden", said Elmien in her wedding speech made on the verandah of Thatchwick Cottage on a fresh Saturday morning in November.
Elmien, a friend and member of the life group that meets weekly in my home, had asked me some time back if she could hold her wedding ceremony and reception in my garden.
A wedding sent me into a panic - I thought of long to-do lists, possible bad weather and the logistics of fitting 50 guests onto the front lawn. I learned a lot from Elmien and her friends who organised a stylish and very economical wedding with the greatest of ease. The day before the hired chairs and tables arrived, flowers arranged by her mother to be kept overnight in the cool dining room and platters of finger eats to be stored in the fridge.
Guests mingled on the lawn sipping champagne and tasting savouries and sweets after the ceremony was over.

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Gaelyn said...

Like a fairytale come true.