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Monday, January 7, 2008

Saturday 5 January 2008

Schools have not yet reopened for first semester of 2008 and most holiday makers are still on the long trek home after the summer vacation. So this weekend was tranquil – the lull before the storm. I made the most of a lazy Saturday. The dogs got a much needed bath. At least I managed to wash their backs, hind legs and a third of Tristram’s tail! They are shedding their fur as a result of the summer heat (not too much heat this summer!). Every bird in the garden must have its nest lined with Tristram’s black and Galahad’s creamy fur. Tristram’s fur comes out in dense black tufts; Galahad showers his soft snowy down everywhere.

I also did this flower arrangement for the hall table using Queen Elizabeth roses and hot pink zinnias with ferns, sprays of Chinese berry and twigs from the prunus tree.

I arranged the flowers in an antique Carltonware rosebowl, a treasure I discovered two years ago in a little antique shop, housed in a cottage in Bedfordview. The painted detail is exquisite.
Here's the finished arrangement.

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