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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday, 19 February: Walks and talks

I have never been very athletic.
At school I played the obligatory netball and tennis but preferred the novelty team races at our annual Inter-house sports day. As a young mom I tried 'pain for gain' with Jane Fonda on a video tape in a dusty school hall with other thirty-somethings. I have done my share of aerobics dressed in a stunning red leotard in fancy gyms to the sound of thumping pop music. In my forties I joined a running club and managed 12 km until I overdid it and incurred a hamstring injury. Pilates exercises lasted until my lower back protested. I have swum lengths of backstroke in swimming pools just to rehabilitate my back.

Now I have settled for the best exercise of all - walking and talking. In the mornings, as you will know, I exercise my two dogs at 4:45 am. I chat to Galahad who always gives me a smile in return. Tristram who is the focused and silent type keeps his eyes fixed on the road. I greet everyone I see at that unearthly hour to assure them and to be assured that we mean no harm. Thrice a week in the late afternoon I walk and talk with my two friends in the beautiful grounds of a nearby boys' high school. We enjoy walking down the leafy path shown in the photo and share our daily ups and downs, consult each other about 'parenting' our adult children and discuss movies and books.

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Mary said...

I wish I could take that walk with you and your friends - I bet there's so much to discuss - especially when it comes to 'parenting adult children'. I could really add some insight to that subject!!

Your exercise history resembles mine except I've never walked doggies! I'm now trying just the walking, altho' I should rejoin the gym for treadmill and bicycle - but it all takes so long and such a commitment - at 64 one has many more exciting things to be doing because the years are fleeting by much too quickly! Eating healthy (I've been veggie for almost 30 yrs.) and doing best I can!

Enjoy the week - I'm waiting for it to warm up to start painting shutters. Have a granddaughter
(11) for two days as school is out - so plenty to keep busy.