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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday,5 February 2008: Thank you for dropping in!

I once read an essay by Garrison Keillor (Have you read Lake Woebegone?) in which he said that one must NEVER start a letter apologising for not writing earlier. It just loads on the guilt and spoils the joy of communication. So no apologies from me! Just a big thank you to everyone who has sent me comments in the last week or so. I am off blog-hopping this afternoon to thank everyone personally and visit some new friends too. A special thanks to Kathryn Bechen from Kathryn Bechen's Inkblot who gave me a special mention on her blog. Also Kim from Cape Town who reminded me to add scrapbooking to my list of hobbies.

Up till now I have been cagey about where I actually live. But I realise that is really silly of me. I live in Pretoria, a city of about 1.5 million people just 45 km from Johannesburg in sunny South Africa. The two cities are growing together rapidly and are almost twins. I am Proudly South African! In spite of many problems which mark an up and coming country on the southern tip of Africa, this is a great place to be. People are warm, the climate is ideal and life is dynamic and full of surprises.

Sorry about the yellow streaks in the image. But I just love that picture and it is in honour of Bookclub at my house tonight. Now I must go and bake an apple upside down cake with yummy cream sauce which gets poured over the cake as it emerges from the hot oven and slice the bread for ham and basil sarmies! The basil is from my herb garden. I'll let you know tomorrow what our book choices were.

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