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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, 13 August: How many times do you...?

No, this is not another Kinsey Report. I am much too proper to use my blog for that improper purpose. I am just working at being an effective blogger within ever narrowing time constraints. I wondered if as many as drop by would share their blogging secrets, their habits and their routine - if any at all.

Do you blog on certain days - or as the Muse prompts?
Do you follow a well-laid plan such as local news on Mondays, recipes on Tuesday, book review every Friday? Or are you attached to memes: Blue for Monday with Smiling Sal; Tuesdays at My World , Wednesday Watery with whoever the creator thereof; Fridays Show and Tell with Carrie at Oak Rise Cottage or Skywatch; Sundays Spiritual?
Or are you haphazard like me?
If you are in confession mode, whisper how you manage to pay house calls so regularly and faithfully. My latest resolution is to pay five calls a day to friends and to strangers. See if I actually manage.
Do you keep note of how many comments you get and does your enthusaism rise and fall with the stats?
I don't. An AAA driven personality until the last few years when age and mellowing have set in, I resist the temptation to allow my competitive self to emerge. But I do love the nifty little sidebar map which shows how much of the world is reached by one's blog.
So, do kiss and tell!


Gaelyn said...

I actually try to post daily, mostly what's happening in my world. Plus two memes, MWT & SWF. Weekends seem to be pretty slow for readers and busy for me working so I sometimes skip them with only a little guilt.

Blogging for me is about disciplining myself to write daily. And reading as many blogs as possible out of the many I follow. It is fun to see where in the world people come from.

My confession, I've become addicted to blog.

pammiejo said...

I'm totally haphazard. I tend to check the same blogs every day but then I'll get side-tracked and venture off someone's blog to one I haven't seen before. One thing leads to another and I'm lost! I post whenever the mood strikes (or I have something to blog about). No Type A personality here!

Vicki Lane said...

I blog daily on various topics -- no memes. I try to strike a balance between my various interests -- writing, gardening, chickens, books, food. What began as a way to keep in touch with readers of my novels has turned into a personal addiction. And I too love the little map and seeing that folks from all over stop by!

jeannette stgermain said...

What a great subject to involve everyone into a discussion. Were a teacher in the past, Eleanor? You certainly have the talents to engage people:)
I keep a painting journal, so I am used to contemplate about what I paint. Many blogs come from that. My daily experiences, events, where my mind flows to, is another avenue resulting in my blogs. I try to make it to three a week, doesn't matter which day, since so many are on a different time on the globe.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

My blogging pattern varies with the time of year here. In the winter, on those long chilly nights, with a slightly less busy schedule, I was able to post more frequently and visit and comment lots. During the summer, when we are busy day and night working or mowing the lawn and gardening, there just isn't time! I have to discipline myself to not blog, or things don't get done!!!

Alaine said...

I used to blog every day but found it too exhausting coming up with something new. Now I might work on a large post for a few days, publish it and then use what I call 'a filler', either a quote, poem or recipe two or three days later. Now I can enjoy my life the way it was before blogging without the angst of wondering what to put up tomorrow!

No set pattern, no memes; sometimes I'll read something interesting in the newspaper and jump on and talk about it.

I read all of my faves new posts but don't necessarily comment. One thing I'm not good at is 'flip' comments, I find them insincere, coming from me that is. I'm usually half asleep when I read them in the morning and intelligence hasn't yet kicked in.

It's lovely talking to people all over the world and I love getting visitors but don't worry if it's few. I also love looking at my 'Stats' to see what part of the world is tuning in.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I never kiss and tell Eleanor, you only get into trouble that way. :)

In some ways I do have a set routine .... bugs from Monday to Friday when I do not have my Mystery Mondays and weekends are "other". I like to diversify so that there is something for everyone.

I don't follow mems as they are too restricting. :)

An intersesting question you have posed here.

Mary said...

I try to post daily - subjects are haphazard, travels, garden, antiques/vintage shopping, decorating the house, recipes etc. Right now I have more than enough to cover after the big trip to Calif. and the West.

I'm finding commenting hard to keep up with - I try to read new posts from all my longtime blog friends (2-1/2 yrs.) and sometimes am sidetracked to new blogs which sound interesting. I'm bad about thinking I'll come back and comment on a post later, and then forget!

Today was different - my Victoria mag. arrived. I made a cup of Earl Grey, opened a packet of McVitie Ginger Nuts brought back from England in May, shut the laptop and curled up to read. There it was on the readers' letters page.....YOUR letter about your Hummel collection and trip to N. Dakota! I was thrilled to see it published and yelled out to Bob - "Eleanor's in Victoria" and proceeded to read it to him.

Tomorrow I'll post more about my time in California - although I'm happy now to be home.
Hugs - Mary.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I post when the mood strikes. I try to visit all who visit me but I'm not always successful at that as "life" seems to interrupt :0)
What's so great about blogging is how many people I can interact with. Imagine, you "wayyyy" over there and me "wayyyyy" over here in So Cal, USA. All I have to do is push a button and we're as close as can be :0)
That always prompts my visits to any blog.
Have a fab day!!!

Avril said...

Should be in the garden but will add to your list of comments here ... briefly!
Always try and do SWF, WWed, and WWinners (latter only because I take quite a few photos!) (If I didn't have the boys in the afternoons there would no doubt be far less photos!)
Tues and Thurs are best for me - no maid and no specific place I need to be in the mornings. Weekend blogs, I think, don't get read regularly so now have been sticking to the Weekly Winners and enjoying my gardening more!!!
I tend to visit the same blogs but sometimes get side-tracked and discover new ones that grab my interest
Love my map to see where my red dots are!!! Find it fascinating to think of so many people around the world 'checking me out' !! .. even it's only once!!
My daughter suggested I start blogging and thought 'what for'! Who would be interested in what I had to say or view my photos - I have so pleasantly surprised!! I am such a ordinary person with no specific skills! Just a wife, mom and granny etc but realised there are so many like me - blogging is like sitting down over a cup of tea/coffee chatting with friends
Hubby gets irritated if I sit too long in the evenings at the computer - so I snatch moments here and there to catch up with others.
Now - really must go back into the garden!! Perfect afternoon for planting something new!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Avril said...

Oooh - that was supposed to be brief!! :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I write often in the mornings most often, so that's when I tend to attempt to check up on all my blogs. And then again late at night before bedtime. I try to visit everyone who leaves a comment, but sometimes it takes me a couple of days to get there!

By the way, I cannot wait to see Emily Blunt as the Young Victoria! It looks so interesting!

Happy weekend!

Morning's Minion said...

I began reading favorite blogs and trying out a few others long before I got the courage to begin posting. Sometimes my "stories" are a while simmering in my head, other times a thought or happening tugs at me as an immediate subject for a post. I try to create a post each day that I am home, but don't want to be trivial. The layout of my blog page is very basic as I don't enjoy learning curves. I'm more interested in content than in cute gadgets. Since comments on my own posts are so appreciated I'm learning to make time to comment when someone elses' words strike a chord.

Sreddy Yen said...

Hi Mrs Lemmer~! I don't follow any memes because the subjects are quite restricting. But I do have my own little things: "Foto Friday" and "Still-Thoughts Sunday". I try to post something once every two/three days...but school is quite busy somedays. Comments do inspire me to write, but I'm not really affected by them as I write to work on my skills. I enjoy blogging so much because it allows me to see the world by just sitting in front of my computer~! Thank you for introducing me to blogging :o)

Charlotte said...

I find I'm blogging a little less since I've become more active on Facebook. The first meme I did was Show & Tell with Kelli. Pink Saturday I usually do and Blue Monday. Have others from time to time but of course it's Spiritual Sundays every week since it's my blog. At least half of it is. I share it with Ginger.
I enjoy all the lovely pictures on your blog. Makes me want to travel.

Madi and Mom said...

Hi I'm new to the blogging world...just started in June 2009. My plan was to blog MWF however it became so much fun that thus far I've posted nearly every day except when on vacation. Our blog is titled Potpouri in is written by Madi (cat) and her faithful servant (Mom). We write about life in NC (USA), sights in and around Raleigh our hometown, about Madi mostly with weekly post about our past family pets.
The blog was started because of Mom's love of photography and writing. Madi and Mom

Tracy said...

The title of this post really threw me at first--so funny, Eleanor--LOL! I love blogging, and confess to being addicted to it--to writing my own (have twoblogs now) and reading blogs. I don't do memes and awards anymore. But I love hosting giveaways. I post at least three times a week at my PinkPurl blog, and I post at my photo blog about the same, almost every second day there. I've always got ideas for what to share at my blogs. Each I have a book review, which I enjjoy writing about. I enjoy the friendships that comments can generate and feel fortunate to have made a lot of friends through blogging. :o)

Dirk said...

I could tell that I only post on my blog when I have something to share. But I have so much interests and pictures, so much to tell so if I had the time I would post every day. On this moment I post about 5 times a week. I follow a few memes, but not every week, also when I have the time to do so. I follow a lot of blogs and try to visit each ones a week. I try to visit everyone who leaves a comment.

Barbara Martin said...

I posted regularly until I realized I wasn't getting my fiction writing done. So now I'm taking a bit of a breather to get the first manuscript out to an agent, complete the second manuscript and outline the third.

Blogging takes a considerable length of time, especially since I post on hiking trails and historical events. So, now I'm putting up the odd photo and continuing with the book reviews.

SmilingSally said...

For over a year, I posted every day. I also visited everyone on my blogroll every time she/he posted.

Now, I skip most Thursdays and some Fridays. When I began to pack for my big move, I gave up "working the blogroll." I simply responded to those who left me comments. Now, I do some of my blogroll some of the time and play catch-up as I'm doing here!

Mary said...

This was entertaining to read :-) I've wondered these things about other bloggers. I post every day, but not on any particular thing. I'm basically a nature blogger, but have a couple other blogs I sometimes use. I usually only do one meme...Skywatch. I don't worry about how many people visit and try to always answer comments, but have found that I'm running out of time to do that much blogging. Lately, I have only been visiting other blogs about every other day. I feel loyal toward those who are loyal to my blog and that they have become friends. I always visit someone new who stops by my blog. There are a lot of other blogs that I would like to visit regularly, but I just can't spare that much time to sit at the I just stop in occasionally. I want blogging to be fun and not a chore. The commenting process can be so tedious especially with ones that require word verification.

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